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  • John Selawsky

    John Selawsky

    A senior Java developer and Java tutor at Learning Tree International programming courses. In Java We Trust.

  • Kiran Jain

    Kiran Jain

    Nothing beats experience

  • Chloé Garnham

    Chloé Garnham

    Writer. Vegan. Podcaster. Traveller. PPL. LLB. chloegarnham.com Instagram: @plantypodie

  • Jake Daghe

    Jake Daghe

    Creative Engineer writing working hypotheses. Husband. Dishwasher. I write what I wish I could have read when I was younger. For more visit jakedaghe.com

  • Larisa Andras

    Larisa Andras

    Freelance writer | Full-time traveler | Say hi: larisa@larisaandras.com

  • Daniel Manson 😍

    Daniel Manson 😍

    A medical doctor by profession. A historian by heart.

  • Kimmie Watson

    Kimmie Watson

    Project manager, photographer & freelance blogger. Loves to write technical news & fashion columns for various regional and international online media.

  • Mark Ford

    Mark Ford

    Technology Expert | Helicopter Pilot | Father of Girls | Writer

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